Level Up Your Vehicle Inspections:

Download the Fleet Use Case to Automated Inspections.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Fleet with PAVE's Inspection Solution.


Streamline your fleet inspections

Automated vehicle inspections have given fleet managers access to a faster, more accurate, and cost-effective solution to traditional manual inspections.


From cost savings to improved customer experience, automated inspections can help you optimize your fleet's performance and reduce maintenance costs.


Download our guide to find out how automated inspections are changing the game for fleet management.

Download the fleet use case for automated inspections

Reduce costs & eliminate error.

PAVE fully integrates and maps into your current technology and business processes, saving you time and money.

By guiding users through an easy to follow, automated vehicle image capture process, PAVE ensures consistency and quality of images collected and vehicle inspections.

Built for Everyone

Adding PAVE is as simple
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PAVE is different. It’s a real business enabler that allows us to reach more customers at scale to gain and maintain a competitive edge wherever we go.

Adam Gladwin
Vice President, Bruce Auto
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The PAVE results speak for themselves. In a matter of minutes, we had a condition report we could share, download, print—and most importantly—trust.

Matt McKenzie
Matt McKenzie, founder and CEO of CarDoor
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Visionary thinkers with deep experience in Dealership operations. They get it!!

Bob Manor
Founder, South Ontario Auto Remarketing
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PAVE empowers our buyers to bid with confidence and our sellers to understand the actual value of their vehicle without subjective forces at play.

Conor O’Boyle
Co-founder, TradeBid
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They (PAVE) are leading by example and enhancing the automotive industry.

Maria Jimenez
COO, Business Intelligence Group
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